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If I were to describe Kristi's practice (or my experience with Kristi) in one word it would be "effective." She began by capitalizing upon her tremendous physiological and athletic knowledge to get to know me and my unique issues. Then, the world seemed to disappear as she expertly, almost medically, worked on me both to immediately relieve pressure, and to instill long-term correction of "patterns" that she found and managed to break-up. I could tell right away that my body stood more naturally. Most importantly, I evidentially felt my movement improve when I hit the pool, trails, and road after her massage. She's the best!

Amy, professional triathlete


When I invest in a massage, especially away from home, I need it to be reparative, intensive, accurate, and athletically beneficial. Straight away I could tell that Kristi's work was world-class. She came recommended by another professional athlete, and she, indeed, provided an invaluable hour of work that had me recovered and loosened enough to hit a major ride the next day. I'll definitely be hitting her up again!

Chris, professional triathlete


I have only seen Kristi a few times, after our first visit I felt she had an intuitive sense of what my body needed. She was open to feedback and listened. I am an athlete and get massages regularly. I have seen many massage therapists,  Kristi is a true healer and has a healing touch. Thanks for keeping me going!     

Bonnie - Cardiff

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